Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rambling. Hey, it's an excuse to post

I began the year with the best of intentions. I hoped to be more active amongst the various social media, and tried to set the bar reasonably low: like blogging once a week, posting on facebook once or twice per week.

There was--and still is--a bunch of other junk on the list, other usual suspects like eating healthy, getting a good night's sleep, reading a book (with pages!). The things we all want to do, that we tell ourselves: I can do that, because I am "that person." The person who does those conscientious things, like vacuuming regularly, or once every couple of weeks dusting the one piece of real wood furniture you own, attempting to keep the studio from being buried beneath the results of my brain opening up to let the insanity out.

It's not that I'm not "that person." It's just that the person who I am, or the body my personality inhabits, gets easily distracted by shiny objects. And occasionally there is just no amount of enticing that will allow the real me an earnest moment of being within my schedule. I have an idea of what my day is like, or what it is supposed to be like, and sometimes the slightest thing can derail my focus.

So that being said, I'm using this excuse of not knowing what to write, to write. And use it as less a promise to whomever might read this, but moreso to myself. This year, I'm just going to let myself ramble, and give myself permission to do so without fear of the tether of relevance or requisite of wit. That whole "dance like no one is watching" thing? Ugh, as much as it pains me to pick at the bones of that rotting horse, it's time to bust a move.

I am finishing work on a newly sequenced, mixed and mastered version of the score from Instinct Vs. Reason, a short film which I scored back in 2004, which should be available in the next couple of weeks.