Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joe the Programmer

One of the things I have been working on is a website update. Overall I'm happy with it, but it isn't exactly mobile-friendly, and I'm not interested in creating a mobile-only site. It's good, but I feel it could be much better.

One of the things I am doing is trying to work with Soundcloud to place my music in a more universally accessible format and to take advantage of some of the sleek and appealing designs available. The problem I have run into is the necessity of using a flash player, which was part of the appeal of Soundcloud with its HTML5 widget. However, this thing is HUGE and unwieldy. The only small widget they have is flash-only, so I'm trying to walk a line of unwieldy graphics and the preferable, tiny, elegant, but useless mini player.

There are options for custom players, using javascripting, which is something I'm leery of, simply because I know nothing about it. Yet. The rate this is going, I expect to post my new site in 2015. I guess it's time to learn something new!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back from Social Media Vacation

I've done something for about the last few weeks that I think everyone needs to do at some point during the year: step away from the social media!

I was reading and posting regularly on Facebook, YouTube, et al., and could just feel myself becoming over-saturated with the updates, check-ins, and events, well, not so much those, but more specifically the cute pictures of animals, clever sayings, and aphorisms. I'm not saying I don't need those things. I love seeing kittens and puppies doing cute little clumsy things, and the clever sayings, I love comedy especially when it is though-provoking, and who doesn't need a good aphorism once in a while to keep us going [insert hang-in-there cat here]. But it's just relentless.

You go from Linked In to a blog post to a You Tube video, to a news article, to a funny cat pic and back again. We almost don't even need Stumble Upon (OMG I can't believe I said such a thing!).

It started off as a weekend away. I decided I just didn't need to check Facebook. And two days turned into almost three weeks of... well, bliss, really. Let's face it. Everyone's brain needs a decompression period to refocus its priorities.

I'm looking forward to getting back up to date with the things I have missed, but I'm going to try and organize my time a little better. I think it is best to treat these things like tools to enhance our lives, and not as a replacement.