Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Demo for 2012

Since it is a new year, I thought it wise to put together a new collection of recent works.

I decided to host this collection on SoundCloud (and likely future collections), thinking its Facebook-connectivity would make it easier to showcase music sets. But it doesn't work on Facebook despite its claims to the contrary. I'm not saying I'm a luddite, but it took me over an hour to figure out you cannot install SoundCloud on a Facebook page you create, rather only on your personal page--that seems to work properly.

To get music on your band page you have to use a different service.  There are a couple of options, but I went with BandRX which takes media from SoundCloud and puts it into a similar format. I guess the only difference being that it actually works on Facebook. There are a few other perks to it, such as a mailing list feature and a few other things I doubt I will use. It is a little strange, but it turned out okay, and is in full music showcase mode.

I decided to go with SoundCloud specifically for the graphical interface, particularly since I can differentiate parts of my demo in a DVD-chapter-like fashion, allowing one to skip ahead to the next selection without having to scrub and/or guess their way to the next selection.

It seemed like a good idea on the surface, so we'll see how it is received. Additionally each selection also has a 60-second version available (the above features approximately 30-second excerpts).

For now the demo is all that is posted on my SoundCloud page, similar to Facebook, the url is, but as I update my website to the new format, I will be posting a lot more music there.