Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Website Move and Redesign

Big admin news! I have been in the process of preparing for a domain move to the world of Squarespace. The overall layout of the site will remain intact. I am happy with it, and its clean and simple structure gets across all the information that I want to provide to the world.

One reason is to make my life easier. I want to set up systems in place to allow me to concentrate on the most important thing I need to accomplish with my time: compose music.

And one of the big things I have struggled with is creating an elegant e-commerce solution. In order to provide a better store experience, I need to provide more purchasing flexibility and automated delivery systems. Right now, I am limited to accepting Paypal only, and I want to be able to accept other forms of payment as well, such as credit cards.

The other issue is one that exists somewhat behind the scenes: getting the product to you in an elegant way. Right now orders placed on the site send me an email, notifying me that someone has purchased something. Then I create a new email to that person and send the product you purchased as an attachment. While it has a charming and artisan personal touch, the charm fades quickly if I happen to be out of my studio.

Luckily so far everyone has been cool with waiting for me to return for receipt of their music or mp3's. But this solution will end the waiting!

Once you check out, Squarespace will AUTOMATICALLY send you a download link for the product you purchase and you can have it more or less immediately.

This is why I am excited about this move. It provides me peace of mind that you will be taken care of, no matter where in the world I happen to be. And it will provide you with a more professional solution for purchasing sheet music and mp3's.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

The only downside for me is Blogger will not be part of the new site. I will link to it for the sake of having an archive, but a new fresh blog will now exist under the blog tab.

The new site will transition in the coming weeks!