Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Updated Demo

It has been a long time since I have updated my demo. And I finally decided it was time.'s only been two years. I also decided to go to Vimeo for it, partially to explore what they have to offer. Partially because YouTube is extremely frustrating--that's a whole other story with more cans of worms than I'm prepared to open.

I will admit to having issues with Vimeo's embed code, which seems to work in different ways, depending on how you are applying it. Sometimes it requires the "http:" and sometimes, like here, it doesn't.

I guess since my site is entirely hand-coded, small things like this get weird between applications. Some new-fangled sites require stodgy old code in order to properly link. So it continues to be an ongoing experiment.

One of these days, I may go the way of Squarespace, and leave all the heavy lifting to them--infact, I feel it is an inevitable eventuality--but for now, my website is artisan. Creaky, and based on html practices from a decades old book, but there is a certain charm about it. Like many skills I'm happy to have explored, but lack the hours required to master, like folding a fitted sheet.

There are two versions below, a "regular flavored" version, and a "music-only" version.

Joseph Carrillo Film Scoring Demo

MUSIC ONLY Joseph Carrillo Film Scoring Demo

Not that I feel the need to qualify my choices, but I should mention that this actually went through a couple of different versions. I really wanted to include selections from 5IVElements, but it was a little awkward not having video, or pictures of the exhibition or reception. I had programmed some really awkward cross-fading graphics from the art I used for the cover flying across the screen documentary style (though with less style). At the end of the day, it ultimately wasn't a "film" and despite my feelings toward that piece as a significant accomplishment, I just didn't feel like I could include it. The other problem being it takes 30 seconds to play about four notes, as it is a very slow meditation on these themes. Evocative, yes, but not if you have somewhere to be.

Not Cool and Wish were no-brainers to include, as was Emo Dad. There were some moments from Episode 3 that were also good, but a little dark out of context, and between Dead Line and The Darkling, I felt I had that covered. I was a little hesitant to include Darkling again, but I REALLY like it, although I feel the music could have been mixed better.

Penguemic was also a little problematic for me, as again, a major accomplishment, but the game hasn't been released yet. It will be, I have been assured, but the company is very small and other things took precedence. The other problem is there is no actual gameplay out there, aside from a couple of early alpha-release reviews with talking over the top, there is just a trailer, using music that isn't actually in the game--it is music I wrote, but it was an early theme that wasn't used. The other thing that was pointed out to me was part of the appeal of the score is how the theme varies from country to country, and there is no way to capture that in an elegant way in 30 seconds. So I kind of just slammed the music from "World 3 - India" in there because it seemed to fit the best.

So there are all the things that were going through my head as I put this together. Aside from "AHHHHHH!" which only happened every other minute.