Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5IVElements Suite for Orchestra

Joseph Carrillo has recently completed work on the 5IVElements Suite for Orchestra. The five movement piece was composed to accompany an art exhibit. Each of the participating artists created works on canvas for Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit, using a variety of media, including oils, spray paint and watercolor. The music and interstitial sound design (such as rain, birds, wind, ocean, campfire, and crickets) serve as an ambient meditation on each of the themes and plays on a continuous loop for patrons to enjoy an immersive experience.

"The term "ambient," might be a little misleading," Carrillo says, "the music has a meditative quality to it, but it is composed for full orchestra, and the recording features several live musicians: oboe, English horn, violin, cello and a choir, assembled from 48 individual voices." Fellow SCL member Catherine Grealish is also featured as a vocal soloist.

The Elements, is on display, visually and aurally, at the Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko, Nevada from August 13th through October 29th.

The music is available for purchase. CD's are available in the Museum Gift Shop, and it can also be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon.