Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Week In The Life

Yesterday had a dilemma like Monday in spades
pushing pulling with weapons and fists of the flame
courage was needed but strength pulled us through it again
why don't leave me so you can come back home at ten

Tuesday and Wednesday fell silent more aimless than me
watching the dark shadows grow and letting it be
sitting in winter as bitter tears fall in their hands
if you had a moment to spare then we wouldn't be sad

Thursday was tough and she fought for every last breath
after she forcibly beat six o'clock half to death
casual tension that just pulled us through at the end
gristle and severity choke on the tears of a friend

Friday played you wrong and left you feeling low
he raped you with alacrity and then just let you go
never regretting the time left was hardly enough
laughed in your face and then stripped you of all of your stuff

Saturday started too late and then ended at three
gloried your smile and gilded your lilies with rain
nothing but sunsets and horrible blue skies would do
pushing your face to the glass as she smashes it through

Sunday only hung around for a couple of hours
flirting in sunlight and braids, and stained purple flowers
she tried to observe it but misery failed the attempt
my heart once was open and empty now filled contempt