Monday, August 22, 2011

Composition Module

If you haven't visited my YouTube channel recently, I have been working on a series of videos wherein each week I discuss an aspect of my composition process, starting with Melody and going through Mastering.  In the first video I composed an 8-bar melody, the second video, I harmonized it.

The most recent video, I talk about arranging, though I realized about halfway through that I wasn't thinking of an arrangement in the literal sense, and that the actual term I mean was just "more composition."  Now that I consider this, "development," would have been a more apt substitute, since that is basically what I did.  I took the elements of the melody and harmony and created a 1:30 cue.

This Friday, I will present the first Orchestration video.  (As I began to create the material for the Orchestration step, it became quickly clear that these videos are going to be too long to do all at once.  So this week, I will focus on voicing the string section, next week, brass, followed by woodwinds and finally percussion.)  I'm really excited how the orchestration has turned out thus far.  It is going to rock when the VSL Dimension Brass belt this thing out.  Stay tuned!