Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Staples: Your Recycled Paper Pricing Structure

Dear Staples,

Can you explain to me why you charge more for recycled paper?  You are essentially selling me USED paper.  I bought reams of new fresh, crisp, exciting paper for much cheaper than your enviro-friendly second-hand wares.  Are you saying that if I want to be environmentally responsible I need to pay more?  You may not realize this, but you seem to be implying that only the elite buy recycled paper, because it's more expensive and therefore a premium product.  Or perhaps you are trying to guilt your customers into making environmentally conscious decisions by voting with their wallets.  Spend more!  It's the RIGHT thing for the environment!  Then you can look at a report showing people overwhelmingly buying recycled paper even though it is more expensive, and therefore your customer base has shown the morality that they will choose the moral option of recycled over new!  No.

Look outside.  Is it raining money?  Not on my house.  I'm going to buy the cheaper paper.  Not because I don't care about the environment, but because it's cheaper.  And I just need a couple reams of paper.  I would happily make the environmentally friendly choice if you would make a little swap-a-rooney on your pricing structure.  Because something newer should cost more than something recycled.  And face it: recycled isn't always better quality.  So, really, if the price has to be higher because the process costs more, then there is something wrong with the process.

It seems like cutting down a tree to turn it into paper is a lot more extensive than taking paper and turning into paper.

Lastly, this current structure doesn't inspire me to recycle.  It makes me think, "those dicks are just going to reuse this and charge more for it."  So it's almost like you're making money on the same thing twice.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.