Saturday, September 25, 2010


I imagined I had contributed another blog post this week, but when I awoke, I realized it had not come to pass. My dreams have been very vivid lately, but the images fade quickly upon waking. Sometimes I find myself in a REM state easily, particularly in the morning between the snooze alarms. And I find that strange alternating wakefulness and dream state makes reality a little shaky, like the mirror being just unstable enough of a portal to cross into.

I know that I have had some ridiculously elaborate dreams, where even if I had the wherewithal to record them immediately upon waking, it is doubtful I would be able to record an accurate account before the details disappear completely. Sometimes I get that full narrative, and other times, a snippet, like I am changing channels or my mind begins to free-associate, improvise on a theme, as it were.

I encourage you to try to keep a record of your dreams. Especially if you are like me and spend the days, or the part of wakefulness you interpret as day, trying to decipher their pertinence. Perhaps I can eventually figure why spiders once figured so prominently and now it has been many months since I have had a spider dream.